Weather Boxes

Weather Box

Product Description

  • Steel
  • Protects against
  • – Extremely low or high temperatures
  • – Particulate matter like dust and dirt, not to mention other substances which can corrupt and jam electrical components
  • – Precipitation including hail, snow, and rain
  • – Ice formation caused by low temperatures on the enclosure’s surface
  • – Corrosion from salt or seawater spray
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Weather boxes are the ideal fit for safeguarding elements from harmful external components. These boxes are typically sealed enclosures built for mounting to roof overhangs, exterior walls, decks, among other surfaces. These boxes are utilized in installing light fixtures and outdoor receptacles.

Weather boxes must include an outdoor fixture or cover-rated for wet or damp locations, although it is dependent on the application. Usually, they are made to effectively withstand various weather conditions like extreme cold or heat, UV rays, moisture, and high winds.

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